doing our bit and soft plastic recycling

Did you know all Blue Frog packaging is 100% soft plastic recyclable? YEP!

It’s hard to talk about being environmentally conscious when your business creates packaging. We know that. Which is why we are making every effort to ensure the products we put out can be recycled and have a reduced impact on the environment than common alternatives. There’s a lot of talk about compostable and other recyclables. What we’ve found is that to balance our product freshness while genuinely doing what’s best for the environment, soft plastics has been the best option for us at this stage. We’ve recently joined the soft plastics schemes both here AND in Australia so we’re kept up to date with developments in packaging alternatives.

You’ll notice the logos (soft plastics for NZ and Redcycle for Aus) rolling out on our bags soon, but in the meantime, make sure you separate our packets from your normal rubbish and deliver it to your nearest soft plastic recycling collection spot. If you’re in NZ, search here to find your closest drop off point. And if you’re in Aussie, redcycle for all your disposing needs.

You can learn more about our sustainability journey and how we’re working to create a positive impact for our environment and community here. 🌍

Because breakfast tastes better when it’s helping the planet too. 🥄

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