Natural ingredients and bold flavours.

following our hearts
and breaking the rules.

We source ground-breaking ingredients from across the globe to create a taste explosion that’s packed with goodness. The latest science, the best ingredients – we’re on it. Because the truth is, we just like to bring joy and a little bit of magic into our food and the lives of people around the world.

the Blue Frog

A product for conscious consumers, Blue Frog products use natural and organic ingredients that are sustainably sourced and grown, are low sugar, high protein, and offer grain free and gluten free options. We source what we can here in New Zealand and take great pride in finding the best flavours, naturally created – so if we can’t source it locally, we scour the world to find the right blend of flavour and healthy goodness!

All natural ingredients

We’re founded on the simple premise that what’s good for you should taste good too. Blue Frog is a blend of carefully sourced, all natural ingredients put together in ways that will have you leaping out of bed. Which is why we use only the best ingredients from the finest sources – they’re worth waking up for. 

More about Heilala Vanilla

Heilala Vanilla

We understand that to make the best tasting cereal, you need to start with the best ingredients. That’s why we use only the world’s best vanilla - Heilala Vanilla. Hand pollinated, sustainably harvested and traditionally cured and dried, Heilala Vanilla is authentic and bursting with flavour. It’s a no brainer, flavour creator!  
Find more about Heilala Vanilla

More about Harraways


If your main ingredient is oats, you better make sure they’re the finest of them all. Which is why each week we have a Harraways delivery to our factory. And with their commitment to a sustainable business approach now and for the future, we are proud to have them in our cereal.
Find more about Harraways

More about Fresh As

Fresh As

Not many can give a freeze-dried crunch quite like Fresh As. They dry the raspberries and plums and we mix them in, giving our cereal a fresh zing to brighten up your morning.
Find more about Fresh As

More about Hemp New Zealand

Hemp New Zealand

A handful of seeds and a very big dream was all it took for Hemp New Zealand to be born. Their mission? To create a pristine environment for the health and wellbeing of all life. We like that, which is why we created the world’s first ever probiotic porridge using their creamy hemp seeds.
Find more about Hemp Farm

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Ooooooh honey. 87% nuts and seeds, keto friendly, grain free and just damn tasty… our Macadamia, Almond and Manuka Honey is the perfect breakfast topper or snack for any time of day. It’s chunky macadamias roasted with a drizzle of sweet Mānuka Honey to bring the perfect balance of sweetness and crunch. Right on the money!

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Did you know all Blue Frog packaging is 100% soft plastic recyclable? YEP! 

It’s hard to talk about being environmentally conscious when your business creates packaging. We know that. Which is why we are making every effort to ensure the products we put out can be recycled and have a reduced impact on the environment than common alternatives. There’s a lot of talk about compostable and other recyclables. What we’ve found is that to balance our product freshness while genuinely doing what’s best for the environment, soft plastics has been the best option for us at this stage. We’ve recently joined the soft plastics schemes both here AND in Australia so we’re kept up to date with developments in packaging alternatives.

You’ll notice the logos (soft plastics for NZ and Redcycle for Aus) rolling out on our bags soon, but in the meantime, make sure you separate our packets from your normal rubbish and deliver it to your nearest soft plastic recycling collection spot. If you’re in NZ, check out to find your closest drop off point. And if you’re in Aussie, for all your disposing needs.

You can learn more about our sustainability journey and how we’re working to create a positive impact for our environment and community on our website. 🌍

Because breakfast tastes better when it’s helping the planet too. 🥄
*Ba-dum-bum-dum* it’s Living Wage Week! ☀️

We know people work better when they feel valued and that their work matters. And with poverty such a prominent issue in New Zealand, we know we have a responsibility as a company to not only provide jobs, but to provide quality, well-paying ones that give people the ability to lead happier, healthier lives. Which is why we are Living Wage Accredited - a simple way to show our team we care and one step towards helping reduce poverty in New Zealand.

We're proud to be one of the 300 employers in our country committed to paying a living wage to our team. 👫 We say cheers to that! 🌼

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Don’t forget to stock up on our LIMITED EDITION zestier-than-ever syrups. On our website now and at your local Farro and Moore Wilson’s! 💛💛💛
Time to elevate your breakfast game…

Our *LIMITED EDITION* syrups are back and zestier than ever! Choose raspberry or orange to drizzle over your cereal and pancakes, or mix with sparkling water for a refreshing summer drink. It’s seriously so good you’ll want to bathe in it. 🍊 

Like our Christmas granola, they’re only around for Christmas or until they run out, so get in quick! 🏃🏼‍♀️🏃‍♂️ 

Available online now and at your local Farro or Moore Wilson’s.

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Never run out of cereal again with our subscription box! Choose a minimum of four products and the cereal elves will deliver them to your door each month. 😍 

Stock up on your favourites or try something new – we’re just here to make sure breakfast is never boring again. Plus you’ll get a cheeky 10% off each month! 

Sign up now, go on... 🥄🥄🥄

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Is it too early for the Michael Buble Christmas album to come out? Maybe, but it’s not too early to start eating our CHRISTMAS GRANOLA. 🎄🎄 With all the familiar tastes of Christmas that we know and love – warming spices, rich fruit and warm buttery goodness – it’s like all your best presents rolled into one! 🎁 

We have limited stock so be sure to get in quick! 

Available on our website now. 🎅

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Believe it or not, October is wrapping up this weekend. And that means H A L L O W E E N. Trick-or-treating is off the cards thanks to you-know-what, so why not celebrate by creating this delicious pumpkin mousse instead! 😋 Made with our insanely tasty Triple Nut granola, it’ll have everyone knocking at your door… 🎃 
Recipe live on our website now!
Bircher, but we’ve made it cheeky. 💃🏽

We will not allow you to eat dry, gritty oats with a slightly stale flavour – b o r i n g. 

Nope, ours are creamy (thanks hemp hearts), anti-inflammatory (looking at you, Mānuka) and probiotics (billions of them). AND damn tasty. Phew.

So grab your Blue Frog porridge bags (maybe we need to change the name) and make this choc/banana bircher your next breakfast 🐒 We reckon it’s one Worth Waking Up For. 🥄 

Find the recipe on our website now!

#bluefrogbreakfast #worthwakingupfor
Here at Blue Frog, we like to do things a little differently. Push boundaries. Discover something new. Truly put the magic in food.

Which is just one reason we created the world’s first probiotic porridge. Why we then put probiotics in all our granolas. Hemp and collagen in others (like our Black Doris Plum!). All things to give you more bang in your bowl.💥 

Making food that’s good for you is important to us, but so is making it taste damn good.

And that’s what we’re all about here at Blue Frog. So TUCK IN! 🥄 

You can read more about these ingredients and why we use them on our blog -

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Warmer weather calls for cooler breakfasts. So give this cool smoothie parfait a whizz with our Raspberry Granola and you’ll be the coolest on the block. 😎 Find the recipe on our website now! 🥄

#bluefrogbreakfast #worthwakingupfor
Ribbet, ribbet. Have you seen our Blue Froglet fronting our new Coco Munch? Feed it to your kids, feed it to your friends, this one is for everyone. Now on Countdown shelves and rolling out to other supermarkets very soon! What do you think?

#bluefrogbreakfast #worthwakingupfor
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