Worth Waking Up For





Blue Frog Breakfast is a collision of craftily sourced, naturalicious ingredients bringing the BOOM to breakfast bowls right around the globe.

Healthy. Delicious. Nourishing.

Blue Frog Breakfast will blast your socks off and get your taste buds tingling – it’s worth waking up for. We source groundbreaking ingredients from across the globe to create a taste explosion, packed with goodness.

Breakfast that’s good for the planet.

We are certified carbon POSITIVE by Ekos – meaning we have measured and offset 120% of our carbon footprint. Just another way we are helping make breakfast taste better for the planet too.

Proud parkrun partner

We’re super proud to be partnered up with parkrun in Australia – weekly, free community runs (or walks) taking place at a park near you. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for when we’ll be showing up at your nearest parkrun.

On trend, spoon bend!

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Bloody delicious. That's what we hear a lot when people try our cereals (or to similar effect). What do you say?! 😋

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@cmdcreations choc drizzled granola bars - because who says you can't eat chocolate for breakfast? 🍫

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We do simple well. Wholesome, natural ingredients put together in ways that taste amazing. ☀️

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How can it NOT be a good day when it starts with a bowl of sunshine like this! ☀️ 

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Dessert inspo!!! 👏 @cmdcreations ‘s choc cups made with our Keto cereal are simply delicious. 🍫
@thecollectiveshift_ reckons our cereals really are Worth Waking Up For 😍 if you're needing something to jazz up your breakfast routine, gluten-free, keto or not, we have the cereal for you. 🥄

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In case you missed it, here's a reminder of just how good porridge can be topped with our Macadamia cereal. 😍 @vegetarianculinarian 

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Beep beep. Packaging annoucement! 📢
Moving forward, ALL our cereal bags are made of 26% recycled plastic. We're continually looking for ways we can improve and this is us working towards that. We are closely working with our packaging company to ensure we are right on the heels of any developments and how we can incorporate this into our packaging. We're excited about our progress and you'll see the logo rolling out onto new bags soon! ✨

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@tcantcook has got some great topping ideas - including our Raspberry, Vanilla & Chia granola! 🙌

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We put our Raspberry, Coconut & Toasted Almond on a podium because we think it's a podium kind of cereal. 🏆 low sugar, gluten free, high in nuts & seeds. It's kind of everything you need. 🥄

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