Blue Frog Cacao Porridge


    Cacao, Hazelnut & Vanilla Porridge

    (11 customer reviews)

    Like a Ferrero Rocher for breakfast… could it really get any better than this?



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    Blue Frog Cacao Porridge

    Cacao, Hazelnut & Vanilla Porridge

    The Good Stuff

    Just 3-4 minutes on your stove is all it takes to get the best breakfast of your life.

    Our Cacao, Hazelnut and Vanilla Porridge is something pretty special. Chunky hazelnuts mixed in with a dash of pure Heilala Vanilla and  sumptuous cacao – it’s a hella nutty choco delight.

    Fabulous topped with our granola and a dollop of coconut yoghurt.

    And with a bunch of probiotics (400 million per serve in fact!), your tummy will be smiling all day.

    Vegan and refined sugar free.


    Oats, Cacao (8%), Organic Coconut Sugar, Hazelnuts (5%), Organic Chia Seeds, Green Banana Flour, Prebiotic Fibre (Chicory Root), Natural Flavour, Heilala Vanilla Bean (0.2%), Probiotic Fibre – Bacillus Coagulens


    Nutrition TypeServing SizePer
    Serving Per Pack: 9Per 40g100g
    Fat, total4.0g10.1g
    Dietary Fibre5.1g12.7g
    Probiotic>400M cfu>1B cfu

    Customer Reviews

    11 reviews for Cacao, Hazelnut & Vanilla Porridge

    1. Andy S

      Wow – I just discovered this in my local supermarket, super smooth and choclatey with crunchy hazelnut pieces – tastes just like Nutella! Am I allowed to say that? 😉

    2. Sarah

      Im sold! Found this yesterday on shelf and fam have near eaten it all in two days! Sure this doesn’t have Nutella in it? YUM!

    3. Nadia

      Honestly you guys make some tasty cereal. This porridge taste like a Ferrero Rocher.

    4. Emily

      More hazelnut and less cacao than I’d like.

    5. hattie

      So yummy – especially with some maple syrup!

    6. Kaspara

      So delicious!! Very chocolaty without being too sweet

    7. Natasha

      Mmm so deelish & filling. Love it hot or cold with favourite toppings.

    8. Jin

      Can’t wait to make it ! Just wonder if my 3 year old son can have it too ? Not sure

    9. Mia Mikic (verified owner)

      Excellent taste and devine smell BUT I keep having problems with it boiling over the top in the last minute in the microwave. Do you recommend reducing the time or level?

      • sara

        Hi, I would suggest reducing the time cooking and the power level…all microwaves differ a little bit…you could also cover it and cook for a little less time. Possibly a bit of ‘trial and error’ with your microwave might be necessary 🙂

    10. Charlotte

      Soaked some overnight and had it in a smoothie, soooooo delicious!

    11. Jo


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