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What are probiotics?

The World Health Organisation defines probiotics as “live micro-organisms which, when administered in adequate amounts, confer a health benefit on the host”.

The term “probiotic” is thought to come from the Latin pro (meaning “for”) and the Greek biōtikos (meaning “life”).  Quite literally, probiotics mean “fit for life”.

How do probiotics work?

Every day your digestive tract faces a steady stream of bacteria, both helpful and harmful.  Good intestinal health lies in establishing the right balance between these helpful and harmful bacteria.  However, various aspects of modern life, such as stress or antibiotic use, can easily disrupt this delicate balance.

This is where probiotics come in to play.  It is thought that a daily supplement or a probiotic fortified food or beverage can be beneficial in restoring an adequate balance.

BLUE FROG_Porridge_ Portrait_Whole box and bowl 4

Eat your probiotics for breakfast!

We at Blue Frog understand how busy mornings can be.  That got us thinking about creating a breakfast that not only tastes amazing but also includes a daily dose probiotics.

And here it is!

BLUE FROG Porridge Whole box and bowl probiotic

Our new probiotic porridge contains the mighty GanedenBC30, which has been clinically studied and supported by over 20 peer reviewed published papers.  GanedenBC30 is vegan-friendly and gluten free, and is a naturally occurring non-GMO.

  • PROBIOTIC PORRIDGEVanilla Bean & Chia Seed, 8 Instant Pockets

    Vanilla Bean & Chia Seed, 8 Instant Pockets

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What makes GanedenBC30 so amazing?

It’s a survivor!  Thanks to a cunning protective coating (imagine a seed with a hard shell), it can survive and thrive in conditions other probiotics cannot.  This protective coating makes GanedenBC30 cells extremely stable and more able to withstand manufacturing processes, a product’s shelf life and the journey through the digestive system.  In fact, GanedenBC30 only activates once it reaches the ideal conditions of the intestines.  We like to think of it as the superhero of the probiotic world.

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