We put WHAT in our cereal?!?!

Here at Blue Frog, we’re all about being different. Pushing boundaries. Discovering something new. Putting magic in our food.

Which is why we seek to use premium ingredients in all our cereals to have you feeling (and looking!) your best.

Probiotics, collagen. Massive buzz words at the moment, and for good reason.

So first up, we created the world’s first probiotic porridge. We had to find a probiotic that was going to survive the cooking process and still be able to do its job, helping you and your body feel better. Which is how we found GanadeneBC20.

Covered with a protective shell, GanadeneBC20 probiotics wait until they reach where they’re supposed to be (your gut) before they activate. This protective shell allows the pro bacteria to survive the cooking process and the journey through your digestive system to activate where they’re needed most!

Not only do our granolas taste damn good, they all contain this probiotic, so you know that every bowl of cereal you eat is giving you (even more) goodness.

Next let’s chat collagen. Our Black Doris Plum, Almond and Coconut contains 3g of marine collagen per serve.

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