Vanilla Bean Porridge

Satisfying and delicious New Zealand baby oats are combined with the smooth velvety sweetness of Heilala Vanilla to create moreish breakfast goodness. Packed with our amazing cutting edge GanedenBC30 heat stable probiotic makes this as


Raspberry Porridge

Smooth, rich and delicious New Zealand baby oats are the perfect foil for a rakish raspberry zing, plus just a touch of beetroot to give it a beautiful pink hue. Unique to our porridges the GanedenBC30 delivers two billion live cells per serve.


Spiced Apple Porridge

A legendary gluten free porridge, combining the rich, smooth flavour of coconut with crisp, fresh apple, and warm spicy turmeric goodness. Being gluten free doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the joy of a bowl of porridge goodness. And with our unique