Kaipara Kumara

When people first see kumara in our cereal there are a few raised eyebrows...sweet potato for breakfast?! Here’s a rundown on this kiwi superfood and why we love it!

The first kumara were brought to New Zealand by early Maori, the indigenous people of Aotearoa/New Zealand, over a thousand years ago. Various varieties have evolved over time and we think we’ve discovered the perfect one...

Grown around the sparkling waters of the Kaipara Harbour in New Zealand's Northland region, the flat alluvial plains, perfect soil structure and warm subtropical weather unique to the area are perfect for growing high quality red, orange and gold kumara.

Our favourite kumara is the delicious Beauregard, it is the sweetest of the three varieties and has a beautiful, rich orange hue. Kumara rate as one of the most nutritious of all vegetables, rich in Vitamin C, beta-carotene and Vitamin E, it’s naturally gluten free and a great source of antioxidants. With all these amazing attributes, it seemed a crime not to be utilising the kumara’s natural goodness!

Lightly roasted, dusted with warming spices and mixed with morish clusters of nuts and seeds, our Kiapara kumara cereal is a crisp, golden sensory delight... it’s won multiple New Zealand food awards and is consistently one of our top sellers. Nice piece of Kiwi ingenuity Scotty!