At Blue Frog we are always looking for new ways to make our products better - amazing new tastes and textures, new ingredients that will make our food better for you and new ways of putting these together to create the perfect breakfast. We had come up with an amazing range of porridges, seeing and old family favourite in a new way with stunning flavours, creamy textures and beautiful soft colours, but we needed something different to take it forward into the twenty first century.

So thinking outside the square, we decided to take a look into probiotics, nobody else was putting probiotics into porridge and here was a chance to create something that not only looked and tasted amazing but that was also fantastic for you.

ProBiotics are defined by the World Health Organisation (WHO) as ‘live microorganisms, which, taken in adequate amounts, offer a health benefit”. In other worlds, probiotics are ‘good’, ‘friendly’ or ‘healthy’ bacteria that, when ingested, may help support good health.

Scotty and the team searched the world for the perfect probiotic strain, and it had to meet some stringent requirements! it had to be safe, calorie and gluten free, organic, sustainable, naturally occurring, non-GMO ingredient... there’s no ‘engineering here’ Most importantly, it had to survive the cooking process and still be able to do its job, helping you and your body feel better!

Covered with a protective shell, just like a seed waits until spring to germinate, GanadeneBC20 probiotics wait until they reach where they’re supposed to be, your gut, before they activate. This protective shell allows the pro bacteria to survive the cooking process and the journey through your digestive system to activate where they’re needed most! At over a thousand dollars a kilogram, GanedenBC30 isn’t cheap but it’s amazing for you and it ticked all our boxes as a way of taking a family favourite into the next millennium... nice find Scotty!