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Blue Frog Breakfast is a collision of craftily sourced, naturalicious ingredients bringing the BOOM to breakfast bowls right around the globe.

Healthy. Delicious. Nourishing.

Blue Frog Breakfast will blast your socks off and get your taste buds tingling – it’s worth waking up for. We source groundbreaking ingredients from across the globe to create a taste explosion, packed with goodness.

Breakfast that’s good for the planet.

We are certified carbon POSITIVE by Ekos – meaning we have measured and offset 120% of our carbon footprint. Just another way we are helping make breakfast taste better for the planet too.

Proud parkrun partner

We’re super proud to be partnered up with parkrun in Australia – weekly, free community runs (or walks) taking place at a park near you. Keep an eye on our Facebook and Instagram for when we’ll be showing up at your nearest parkrun.

On trend, spoon bend!

Join our Blue Frog Breakfast Tribe

Here at Blue Frog, we like to do things a little differently. Push boundaries. Discover something new. Truly put the magic in food.

Which is just one reason we created the world’s first probiotic porridge. Why we then put probiotics in all our granolas. Hemp and collagen in others (like our Black Doris Plum!). All things to give you more bang in your bowl.💥 

Making food that’s good for you is important to us, but so is making it taste damn good.

And that’s what we’re all about here at Blue Frog. So TUCK IN! 🥄 

You can read more about these ingredients and why we use them on our blog - https://bluefrogbreakfast.co.nz/probiotics-collagen/

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Warmer weather calls for cooler breakfasts. So give this cool smoothie parfait a whizz with our Raspberry Granola and you’ll be the coolest on the block. 😎 Find the recipe on our website now! 🥄 


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Ribbet, ribbet. Have you seen our Blue Froglet fronting our new Coco Munch? Feed it to your kids, feed it to your friends, this one is for everyone. Now on Countdown shelves and rolling out to other supermarkets very soon! What do you think?

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Weekend morning advice:
Stay in bed. As long as possible. 
Eat Blue Frog. As much as you want. 

Our Cashew, Almond and Maple is gluten free, keto friendly and hella tasty. Time to eat what’s good. 

Look out for me in your local supermarket or get me delivered to your front door via our website 📦 

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Our world is changing, and change is needed. And we know as businesses that we need to be front footing change. Which is why we’ve partnered with Ekos to offset 120% of our carbon footprint. Directly supporting projects that grow and protect indigenous forests here in NZ and around the world. Our commitment to conserving, replenishing and safeguarding for the future. 

We’re a bunch of NZ brands, doing a bunch of cool things. By supporting us, you’re supporting NZ and you’re supporting a better future for our planet.

We’re proud to be New Zealand-made.

And we think you should be too.

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A handful of seeds and a very big dream was all it took for Hemp New Zealand to be born. Their mission? To create a pristine environment for the health and wellbeing of all life. We like that, which is why we created the world’s first ever probiotic porridge using their creamy hemp seeds. Mmmm. 😋 We also pop them in our Apricot, Almond, Vanilla and Hemp cereal because, well, why not when they’re this good for you? 👏👏
You can read more about these good guys on our website https://bluefrogbreakfast.co.nz/boom-your-buds/

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We want to save you having to think about what to have for breakfast AND dinner, so we’ve teamed up with @woop_nz to give someone a Foodie box for 2 people - 3 nights + some Blue Frog cereal!!! 🥄 
To be in to win all you have to do is like this post, tag your breakfast / dinner buddy (make sure you’re both following @woop_nz and @bluefrogbreakfast) and tell us what you would cook for them 🧑‍🍳👨‍🍳 
You can comment more than once to increase your chances of winning! 🌻

Competition closes 5pm Friday 17th September. Open to NZ only.
Tomorrow is *Dad’s Day* and what a better treat than paaaancaaaakes. 🥞 Try this yummy recipe topped with our Peanut Butter, Cacao and Raspberry, a worthy celebration for any male in your life 🤍 recipe on our website now! 😋 

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We’ve given our Coco Munch a Blue Frog facelift. Isn’t he the cutest?! With 60% less sugar* your kids will love the taste without the sugar high 😳

Look out for me in Countdown stores nationwide. 🐸 

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With no cafe brunching on the cards, we want to help brighten your breakfast. Be in to WIN 1 of 5 packs of our BRAND NEW Triple Nut granola 🥜 Just like this post, tag a friend (make sure you’re both following us!) and tell us what you eat your granola with to be in the draw 😍 🥄 

Open to NZ only. Closes 8pm Weds 1 Sep.

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